Fundraiser for WWI Tank


This is a major step for the museum–a $40,000 online fundraiser for the construction of the WWI tank. Please click on the link below to donate.  It’s easy to donate and easy to pass the link onto your friends and acquaintances who may have an interest. Remember, you’re not just supporting the museum, you’re supporting Vincennes!

The Indiana Military Museum team is constructing an exact, functioning reproduction of a WWI M1917 two man tank. The tank is being built to exact specifications of the original, which was built under license from Renault of France.  Our goal is to complete the construction early next year to coincide with the remaining 3 years of the WWI Centennial.  The vehicle will be on static display in the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, Indiana. It will be brought out annually for live WWI re-enactments at the Museum. We are raising a total of $50,000, $10,000 of which has already been raised.  We would appreciate any donation for the project on Gofundme. We ask that you also share the Gofundme link with your friends and fellow military history enthusiasts.


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