Board of Directors

Jim R. OsborneChairman of the Board


John Bobe


Bill Cleveland


Brad Dale


Clay Decker


Tom  Nowaskie


George Rehnquist


John Roush


David  Skinner


Jerry  Zeigler


Kassie Roush, Secretary to the Board of Directors





Capt. Dick Couch

USNR (Ret.)


Frank Culbertson

Former NASA Astronaut


SFC Sammy Davis

USA Ret. C.M.H.

Congressional Medal of Honor, Vietnam


Judge Louis Joseph Freeh

Director of the FBI Sept.1993-June 2001


Mrs. Jean Gavin

Wife of Gen. James M. Gavin, WWII


Hon. Rudi H. Gresham

Senior advisor to the Secretary

Department of Veterans Affairs


Col. Robert Grow

USA (Ret.)

Son of WWII Gen. Robert Grow


H. Ross Perot

The Perot Group


Maj. Gen. John D. Riddle

USAF (Ret.)


Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie

USAF (Ret.)

Vietnam Ace


Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub

USA (Ret.)


Alex Vraciu

WWII Navy Ace


George Patton Waters

Gen. George S. Patton’s Grandson


Hon. Edgar D. Whitcomb

Former Governor of Indiana







Edith Shain
Life Magazine “Nurse Kissed By Sailor” in VJ Day photograph


Col. Frank Klibbie
WWII Ace, 56th Fighter Group



Captain Joseph F. Enright
Commander of USS Archerfish, WWII Submarine


Lt. Gen. William P. Yarborough
“Father of the Green Berets”


Major Gen. George S. Patton
Vietnam Veteran and Son of General Patton of WWII


Lt. Col. Fred J. Olivi, USAF (Ret.)
Co-Pilot B-29 “Boxcar” at Nagasaki


Gen. James A. Van Fleet
Commander of the US Eighth Army during Korean War , USMA Class of 1915


Gen. William C. Westmoreland
Commander of  Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV)
Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 1968 to 1972


Gen. Bruce K. Holloway
Commander Strategic Air Command, USAF -WW II Flying Tiger Ace


Gen. John K. Waters


Lt. Gen. Ira C. Eaker
Commander 8th Airforce, WWI


Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott
WWII Flying Tiger Ace


Air Vice Marshall J.E. Johnson


Col. Francis S. Gabreski
WWII Ace, 56th Fighter Group


Col. Robert K. Morgan
Pilot B-17 “Memphis Bell”


Mrs. Ruth Eaker
Wife of Lt. Gen. Ira C. Eaker


Major John Howard
D-Day, Pegasus Bridge


Brig. Gen. David “Tex” Hill, USAF (Ret.)
WWII Flying Tiger Ace


Adm. Eugene B. Fluckey, USN (Ret.)
Congressional Medal of Honor, WWII



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